Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm back!

So I've been gone for a while... 

You know... this, that and the other have deterred me from posting any blogs recently.  Let me bring you up to speed from greatest of importance to the not so pertinent:

1.  Jim and I are all moved in to the brick house that I posted about a while ago (if you're curious as to why I deleted the post, you'll have to ask me personally...)  It's a lot of work, but really fun, too.  I feel all "wifey".  

2.  We just found out on Thursday that Jim got a job teaching 10th and 11th grade Bible!  He is so incredibly pumped, scared, and thankful.

3.  The air conditioner is out in both of our cars... this really stinks bad.

4.  Dishrag is enjoying his new home atop the piano.

5.   I made homemade peach ice cream for the first time yesterday.  It was deeelicious!

6.  Finally, I'm excited to be back on the blogspot... I've missed it a lot.