Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby-Anna-in-my-tummy update

I'm at the beginning of my 37th week. I'm waddling. My belly feels heavier and lower every day. I can't speak more than a paragraph without needing to gasp for oxygen. I make "ugh" sounds when I sit down or stand up. I feel her moving, but somersaults have been replaced with just kicks and stretches - she's running out of room. I dream about her face.

Two appointments ago, my belly measured 4 weeks behind. I've been measuring small, but it had been over a month since my previous visit and still not much growth. My never-alarmist-wonderful Dr. Stafford suggested an ultrasound and I agreed. A week later, the ultrasound confirmed the peace that God had eventually given me - she was perfectly fine, my placenta was doing its job, plenty of fluid, plenty of baby (estimated weight, 5.3 lbs). October 4 is still a good due date for reference. Reference, mind you, not expectations.  :)

I feel at times that I'm one big Braxton Hicks contraction. I stay hydrated and fed but I still have them aaaall the time. Nighttime frequently brings some real contractions - one night even for a solid hour, 8 minutes apart. This is reminiscent of James' birth, too. A few weeks of random contractions and then, whoopee! my water broke and he came pretty quickly. I'd love a similar birth to James', but I know her's must be and will be different. Just so ready to experience it!

It's a tough place to be - knowing that she could potentially come at any time and yet chances are we still have a few weeks. I'm trying to soak up these moments with James, lingering during tuck-in bedtimes, snuggling just a while longer, reading just a few more books.

And I'm ready to meet my daughter.